We work with business owners, startup founders, food entrepreneurs, and providers of creative professional services to proactively manage and execute their bookkeeping and accounting needs.

“Accountfully has seamlessly integrated into our firm and have become trusted advisers on growing our business and planning for our future while also handling the day-to-day financial needs required for us to be run smoothly and be successful. We can't imagine Workstead without them – they are irreplaceable! ”

Stefanie Brechbuehler

Founder, Workstead

“Their team brings so much value to our organization, from day-to-day accounting management to high-level planning for the future.”

Lee Deas

Principal, Obviouslee Marketing

“Their focus on service, attention and follow-through in completing important financial steps has been exceptional and refreshing.”

Ethan Jackson

Partner, Lunch and Recess

“Accounfully is proof that the conventional bookkeeper/accountant model is broken. Their services make sense, they are easy to interact with and they embrace smart technology. They taught me that managing my books doesn’t have to suck.”

Jon Yarian

Principal, SeaChange

“They remove all of the distractions associated with accurate and compliant accounting and administration at a cost that is significantly lower than we could possibly do it ourselves.”

Dirk Brown

CEO, Pandoodle

“From my first meeting with Accountfully I knew I had found the partner who would allow me to focus on producing content knowing the finances, accounting, taxes and other crucial details were being handled by pros.”

Tim McManus

Owner, Hed Hi Media

“With Accountfully, I feel like I hired a kick-ass CFO without the big salary. Besides solid bookkeeping, they give me the tools, visibility, and ongoing consulting to make better decisions for the financial health of the agency. And they integrate with my team seamlessly so I don't have to be involved in the day to day. It's a serious no-brainer.”

Ben Cash

Founder & CEO, BlueKey

“Accountfully has cut our bookkeeping and accounting costs in half, and more than doubled our confidence levels in the accuracy of our financials. They communicate clearly, work efficiently and are tremendous partners in giving us the tools and insights we need to make better decisions for our business.”

Katherine Harvey

Founder, Bare Bones Broth

“Accountfully is a Life Saver! Running a CPG company with very limited resources (only 3 people) is challenging, but they make my life easier! Their team is professional and extremely well organized. Thanks Meredith and Team! ”

Cassy Burnside

Founder & CEO, Fatco

“Not only is the team at Accountfully very efficient and organized from a day to day basis which saves time and money, but the extensive CFO knowledge of the team has been instrumental in helping our business create systems that enable us to make pro-active business decisions. My only regret, I wish I would have hired them the day we opened.”

Chris Quinn

Founder, eHouse Studios

“They understand the challenges that small businesses face in terms of accounting and bookkeeping; making everything very approachable.”

Jason Burke and Melissa Webb

Owners, The New Primal

“Accountfully's experience with service based industries was what drew us to them, but their attention to detail and prompt communication is what has impressed us most in working with them. They are able to help us project for the future, feel confident in our decisions, and most of all are a pleasure to work with. We continue to recommend them to whoever is in the need of a great accounting firm.”

Austin Dandridge

Cobble Hill